Mike's Message

I sincerely enjoy serving in the Georgia General Assembly and more specifically the Georgia House of Representatives. As a member of this most esteem body of professionals (Democrat & Republican), I continue to be committed and dedicated to helping make Georgia the best and most economically sound State in the Nation. My number one priority over the years has and continues to be, giving my constituents and all Georgians a voice at the table and to be significant to the "process".

My goals are always to stand for what I believe is right, moral, legal, ethical and just for all Georgians. As a native Georgian, I am committed to ensuring Georgia is consistently rated at the top of the list of all States as it relates to public safety & homeland security , economic growth, education, access to quality healthcare, improved transportation and transit infrastructures, military preparedness, veteran support , a sustainable and robust housing market, job creation, vocational rehabilitation and workforce development.

We must, as a proud State, continue to improve on and increase our support for our law enforcement, first responders, military families and educators. As an entrusted governmental entity (General Assembly), we must provide a fertile environment for businesses to thrive and grow with new job creation, sustainability and expansion. Our incentives and support of our business community must be as strong for maintaining and supporting existing companies, corporations and various industries as it is for those we hope to attract; if we are to remain a viable competitor and leader in the Global market/economy.

"A Georgia for "all" Georgians"

Representative Mike Glanton, Sr . 2022

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